Donations to Hazy Library Collections

Books, Periodicals, and DVDs

The Hazy Library accepts donations for the collection that have been published within the last 5 years, including books, journals, periodicals, and DVDs. Each donation is evaluated to ensure that it fits within the scope of our collection management inclusion policies.

Flight Manuals and Technical Reports

The library accepts all types of flight manuals and technical reports. Those not added to the Hazy Library will be given to the Aviation Safety and Security Archives.

Conditions of Acceptance

Gifts and donations become the property of the Hazy Library and Learning Center. The Hazy Library makes all necessary decisions as to retention, use, display, loan, and discard, at its discretion.  Donors are asked to sign a Deed of Gift Agreement form for each donation.  

Appraisal for Gifts

In accordance with Internal Revenue Service regulations, the Hazy Library does not assess, appraise, or estimate value to gifts-in-kind.


For more information about library donations, please contact:

Joanne Evanoff, Associate Library Director for Technologies and Information Resources || 928-777-3802.

Ways of Giving to ERAU

Arts and Artifacts to the Hazy Library

Please contact the Office of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement, Prescott Campus at 928-777-4210.

Monetary Donations

Financial donations can be made at the ERAU Philanthropy website: Giving to Embry-Riddle