Hazy Library on the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Prescott Campus

The Hazy Library opened as a campus landmark building in 2008. The facility incorporates emerging information technologies throughout the building for individual use and team project collaboration.  Research and study accommodations support different learning styles, and open seating and tables allow students to enjoy the mountain vista views.

Worthington Reading Room

A reading room is named in memory of Gertrude V. Worthington, a former ERAU Board of Trustees member for over 20 years and avid supporter of libraries. This rich, warm, and stately environment has oversized leather chairs, large tables with banker's lamps, study carrels, and the Howe Eagle Collection. As Worthington stated, it "ensures that students have a place to call their own at study time."
Hazy Library's Worthington Reading Room

Computer Commons

As the hub of the Library, the Computer Commons is a technologically rich environment with 30 computers, scanners, and printers.

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Hazy Library's Computer Commons

Presentation Room

This inviting multimedia-ready room (Room 204) seats 6 due to social distancing concerns. It has 2 video display monitors used for team briefings and multimedia presentations. A floor-to-ceiling writable surface provides ample space for writing engineering formulas, diagrams, flow charts, and language word conjugations. This room may be reserved using the Library's Reserve A Room page.
Hazy Library's Collaboration Rooms

Collaboration Rooms

Two collaboration rooms - Rooms 207 & 248 - seat 4 and 3 occupants respectively, due to social distancing concerns. Each room is equipped with one or two video display monitors for multimedia creation and presentation. Of note, the ATP room (Room 207) is named in honor of Aircraft Technical Publishers. Both rooms may be reserved using the Library's Reserve A Room page. 

Group Study Rooms

Of the remaining study rooms, seven are available for individual study, and one room (Room 241) is available for a maximum of three individuals to work together. They may be reserved using the Library's Reserve A Room page. 

Testing Center & Open Computing Lab

The Testing Center & Open Computing Lab (Room 232) is the campus Testing Center and has computers to develop video and multimedia projects. The lab is open to all students, staff, and faculty for general computing as well as video, audio, or photo editing or production needs when the testing Center is not open. When the Testing Center is open, please check with the Testing Administrator for availability. 

Research Instruction Room

This classroom (Room 123) is designed with 20 computers and an instructor station. It is also equipped with a computer projector. The Research/Instruction Librarians teach students how to locate, evaluate, and use information in the Library Research Instruction Program. Faculty and Staff may also book the room through SchedulER. When not in use, the room is available as an open lab for students. 

Study Areas

Open tables and comfortable soft seating are available throughout the building for individual reading and study and for groups working together. There are also 19 individual study carrels and 4 computers for a total of 23 seats in the Quiet Zone on the first floor.

-Last Updated on September 9, 2020

Hazy Library's Study Areas