ERAU Prescott Campus is a private institution of higher education learning community of scholars and students. One of the requirements of the ERAU Hazy Library and Learning Center is to provide an environment free of disruptive, threatening and illegal behavior.


The University has rules of conduct for faculty, staff, students, and invited guests to provide an environment conducive to scholarly activity. The Library Code of Conduct is based on the University’s Policies documented in the Student Handbook, including the Nondiscrimination Statement, and the ERAU Administrative Policy and Procedure Manual (APPM) and Arizona State Laws (i.e. ARS 13-2911 Interference with or disrupting and educational institution).


This is not a comprehensive list and the Hazy Library and Learning Center reserves the right to address perceived negative conduct as necessary.

All clientele using the Hazy Library and Learning Center are expected to comply with and abide by university and Library policies and state and federal laws. 


Alcohol is prohibited on University owned or operated property, excluding exempted locations. Illegal drugs are prohibited on campus. (APPM 8.6.1 and Student Handbook)


Only registered service animals are permitted inside. (APPM 1.24)


Shoes and shirts are required.

Borrowing / Loan Periods

Check out Library materials before removing them from the Library. Return materials by due date and/or upon request for materials recalled by Library staff.

Cell Phones

Use cell phones away from study areas or outside the building.

Computer / Internet Use

Computing resources must only be used in a manner consistent with the educational and research goals and in adherence to state and federal laws. Computer users must be sensitive to the public and academic nature of the facilities and refrain from displaying or transmitting to or from other computing sites inappropriate sounds, messages, and/or images that might be considered offensive or harassing to other users. (APPM 7.5 and Student Handbook) Transmitting or displaying any material is a violation of Arizona Revised Statutes, ARS 13-3507 which states it is a violation of law to place explicit sexual materials on public display.


Adhere to copyright laws, including not systematically downloading, printing, or disseminating content from ERAU licensed electronic resources. (APPM 7.5).

Disruptive Conduct and Sounds

Disruptive behavior and sounds that interfere with the normal use of the Library or interfere with studying or research are prohibited. Students may be asked to leave the library for any of the following:

  • Obstructing or hindering teaching, study, research, and Library activities.
  • Conduct that could be perceived as offensive, lewd, indecent or obscene to a reasonable person.
  • Excessive noise or shouting.
  • Electronic devices: Using sound generating devices at an audible level, with or without headphones.
  • Disorderly conduct, throwing objects, activities that may cause injuries to persons.
  • Verbal or physical abuse, including fighting, threats, harassment, coercion, and or other conduct or action that threatens the health and safety of any person. (Student Handbook)
  • Harassment. Harassment is a specific form of discrimination. It is unwelcome behavior. Willful, intentional or persistent verbal, visual, written, or physical acts which harm or annoy other individuals, or create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment including bullying, using abusive or insulting language and obscene gestures and graphics. (APPM 8.3.10)
  • Showing overt signs of substance abuse, including intoxication.
  • Activities which interfere with orderly function or normal traffic flow: running, use of bicycles, skateboards and roller blades. Secure mobility devices outside the building.
  • Entering staff offices/areas without authorization.
  • Posing a sanitary or health risk to others.
  • Refusal to leave building when asked at closing or during emergency situations.


Use designated exits. Use emergency exits in emergency situations only.


Pay Library charges promptly.

Food and Drink

Food and drink are permitted in the Library. Clean up and leave no trace. 

Personal cooking devices are prohibited, except use of the vending room microwave.


Library personnel has the authority to inspect personal belongings. 


Minors under the page of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. The Library cannot act in loco parentis. Exceptions are matriculated students and students who are currently affiliated with a contracted ERAU program. (APPM 1.26)

Political Activities

Do not engage in prohibited political activities on University property or using University resources. (APPM 1.6)

Posting of Signs and Banners

Post public notices on designated bulletin boards. Include sponsor or organization, contact name, and date. Notices may not be posted on windows, doors, posts, painted walls, or elevators. (Student Organizations Handbook.) Posting is permitted on exterior unpainted brick wall at the entrance with painters tape only.

Property Damage and Vandalism

Do not deface materials, break equipment, furniture, facilities, or other misuse of university assets.

Quiet Zones and Silent Study

Limit conversation. Use low voices. Turn cell phones to vibrate. Cell phone use is prohibited in Quiet Zones. The Worthington Reading Room is dedicated to super silent study.


The Library may not be used for commercial or non-educational purposes. Solicitation or advertising for buying or selling of goods or services is not allowed including distribution of literature, pamphlets, brochures or promotions, whether it is in person or leaving materials. 

Use of Tobacco Products

Tobacco products are prohibited on campus except in the designated smoking area, whether in the form of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, dipping/snuff, smokeless cigarettes (e-cigarettes) or chewing tobacco. (APPM 8.6.3 and Student Handbook)


Theft, wrongful appropriation, unauthorized possession or sale of stolen property is prohibited. Any form of identity theft, forgery, or unauthorized acquisition or use of another's personal information or identification is prohibited. (Student Handbook)

Unattended Belongings

Users are solely responsible for their personal belongings and should not leave them unattended. The Library is not responsible for loss or damage of personal belongings.


A visitor is defined as a non-ERAU student, faculty, staff, or non-affiliate. During periods of high demand, ERAU students will have priority for use of facilities and equipment. (Visitors Policy and Facilities Use Policy).


Weapons or weapon replicas are prohibited on campus. (APPM 1.23)

Authority / Enforcement / Consequences

  • The University and Library administration have the authority to impose reasonable restrictions on the time, place, and manner of Library access and use.
  • Misuse of the Library is a violation of University Administrative Policies and the Student Handbook.

Rights and Responsibilities

  • Library staff have the authority to request proper identification of patrons.
  • Students should have access to their University ID cards at all times. 
  • Campus Safety Department and/or outside law enforcement authorities will be notified to address criminal behavior and offenses.
  • The offender may be subject to the sanctions of restricted Library privileges, suspension, expulsion, prosecution, and/or restitution.
  • Violators may be accountable to University and civil authorities.