Finding Your Textbooks

Hazy Library has some textbooks available through our library databases, general collection, or in Course Reserves.

Using Open Resources

In your classes, you will generally access Open Educational Resources through provided links. Most resources can also be easily found through an internet search.

An Open Educational Resource may be a digital textbook, but an OER can also be a simulation, video, full course, or supplemental material that can support learning in and out of the classroom. You can also use copyright-free resources like open images, music and videos in your class assignments.

If you would like to find Open Educational Resources that support your class learning, see our Open Educational Resources Guide.

Student Advocacy

No one is more impacted by the cost of textbooks than students. There are many ways you can show your support of open education and low cost textbooks on campus.

  • Speak Up: Talk to faculty about their textbook, and let them know Hazy Library can help find more affordable options. Let them know you care!
  • Learn and share: Learn more about Open Educational Resources and share that information with classmates and instructors.
  • Celebrate Open: Participate in Open Education campus events, or publicly thank a professor who chooses affordable options.

For more ideas on how to advocate, see these resources: