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10 Ways You Can Still Get What You Need from Hazy Library

We’ve got you virtually covered 24/7 from research and citations to wellness and beyond.

  1. Your research librarians are online! On our Ask a Librarian page, click the icon underneath “Chat With a Librarian” to start a live chat with a research librarian. If we aren’t online, use the contact form to send us an email, or make an appointment for an online research consultation using our online booking system!

  2. Suffering from decision fatigue? Our research guides help narrow down your options, whether you’re looking for an academic article on safety science or guidance on writing a literature review. Our librarians maintain guides on specific subjectscoursesgeneral research help, and more. Browse guides through the Research & Course Guides tab in the main search box on the library home page, then search by keyword or browse all.

  3. Stuck on citations? Get a RefWorks account! With a few clicks, you’ll be able to create and edit citations easily. Check out our RefWorks research guide to get started. Or, see our citation guide for help doing citations manually.

  4. Need a break from research? We also have audiobooks and eBooks perfect for relaxing reads. Download the Libby app and get started here. Find your beach read and let your mind escape for a bit.

  5. When you aren’t taking that much-needed information break, take advantage of your full online access to The New York Times. Go here and use your ERAU email to set up your account. Balance your daily news intake with sections like CookingModern LoveGames, and Podcasts.

  6. Search internally! Try out what’s available in Scholarly Commons, our institutional digital repository for academic work by ERAU faculty, students and staff. A student recently struck research gold using this resource to find information about low cost airlines!

  7. Do not pay for articles. We can get what you need with Interlibrary Loan! If you find the perfect article or book chapter but can’t access it through our databases, just fill out this request form and our Interlibrary Loan specialist Leanne Harworth will use her magic and email you a copy directly.

  8. Along with full-text scholarly articles, thousands of eBooks are accessible 24/7. Use tools like “search within this book” to find keywords or phrases that relate to your research topic. Browse our eBook collections here (we recommend eBook Central).

  9. Learn a new language! Access Mango Languages from our databases page and sign up for free. Download the app to learn over 60 languages, including English, on the go!

  10. This isn’t just about academics. If your life or work feels upended, check out this Home and Wellness Resources Guide. New resources are added as our librarians discover them, including live stream and recorded work-out videos, virtual tours, cooking tutorials, activities for parents with school-aged kids, and community support.

We are here to support you in whatever you need, wherever you are, all year round.

Hazy Library and Learning Center

Hazy Library liaisons

Your Research Librarians are Online!

On our Ask a Librarian page, click the icon underneath “Chat With a Librarian” to start a live chat with a research librarian. If we aren’t online, use the contact form to send us an email, or make an appointment for an online research consultation using our online booking system!

Summer B Hours - Monday through Thursday 9 AM to 4:30 PM

We’ve made changes in the library to ensure the health and safety of you and our staff.

  • 50 people maximum in the library at a time.
  • Limit your study sessions to 2 hours.
  • Get a ticket at the Checkout Desk upon entry. Display ticket in the holder where you are seated; it will list your expected exit time.
  • The first floor is not available for use except access to the library bathrooms, Checkout Desk, and stairwell to the 2nd Floor.
  • Tables are fixed in place for social distancing and should not be moved.
  • Please ask at Checkout desk for assistance in obtaining books, magazines or newspapers.
  • Small study rooms are available for one person use.
  • Disinfected/Not Disinfected signs are placed everywhere you can work.
    • Clean your workspace on arrival and flip the sign to “Not Disinfected”
    • Clean your workspace before leaving and flip the sign back to “Disinfected”
  • Retrieve and check out holds at the self-service area adjacent to Checkout Desk.


Group work is limited to the Word Wall area. Projectors and portable screens are available for checkout at the Help Desk.

Additional Information

  • Plexiglas guards are installed at every service desk
  • Librarian assistance is available through the virtual Ask a Librarian appointments, chat, or email Monday through Thursday.
  • We are not accepting book donations.

Loaner Laptop Due Dates Extended for Summer B(As of 6/30/2020)

All laptop returns have been extended to Summer B, 2020.

The Library is open Monday – Thursday 9 am to 4:30 pm - (no entry after 4 pm), so you can return your laptop at your convenience.

You may also contact IT to return your laptop by US Mail or you may hand-deliver the laptop to the Safety Officer at the main entrance roundabout if the Library is closed.

You may email Peter Tomasovitch at tomasovp@erau.edu in the Library with any questions or call 928-777-3817. Peter’s hours are Monday – Thursday 9 am to 4:30 pm.

Software Engineering student Dai IbrahimDai Ibrahim works in the Hazy Library as one of our many student employees. Among her many talents, Dai created a virtual tour of the Hazy Library & Learning Center using 3Dvista Software.

Dai has an impressive resume to include her internship at Boeing over the summer of 2019 and again this summer 2020. Dai will be graduating in 2021 with a double-major, Software Engineering and Simulation Science Games and Animation.

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