The Hazy Library provides items to help you with your study/research needs. From computer projectors to rulers, a wide variety of equipment is available for checkout for use in and out of the Library. The equipment list (PDF) is available or you may view the list below.

NOTE: Given campus safety precautions pertaining to COVID-19, the library makes every effort to make equipment available for checkout while keep all parties safe and healthy. This balancing act requires acting with flexibility, and the information below is subject to change. Please contact the library’s Checkout Desk (928-777-3811 / or 2nd Floor Help Desk (928-777-6740 / to verify that the information is current.

Equipment Can it leave the Library? How Long? 1st Floor 2nd Floor
3.5 Floppy Disc Drive (USB) YES 3 Days X
Apple VGA Adapters NO 8 hours X
Calculators NO 8 hours X X
Camcorders YES 3 Days X
DVD +/- RW Drive (USB) NO 8 hours X
DVD Player / Converter YES 3 Days X
Easels YES 3 Days X
Ethernet Cables NO 8 hours X
Fans (small room) NO 8 hours X
HDMI Cables NO 8 hours X
HDMI / VGA Cables NO 8 hours X
Laptop Locks NO 8 hours X
In-House Use Laptops NO 8 hours X X
Mac USB-C Power Adapter & Cables NO 8 hours X X
MacBook Pro MagSafe Power Adapters NO 8 hours X X
Mouse NO 8 hours X X
Power Strips NO 8 hours X X
Presentation Clickers / Laser Pointers YES 3 Days X X
Projection Screens (portable) YES 3 Days X
Projectors (portable) YES 3 Days X
Speakers (portable) YES 3 Days X
Tripods YES 3 Days X
USB Chargers NO 8 hours X
USB Extension Cables NO 8 hours X X
Whiteboards (23″ x 16″) NO 8 hours X X

Do you have a technology item you would like the Library to provide?

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