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The Hazy Library has a number of items available to help you with your study/research needs. From computer projectors to rulers, a wide variety of equipment is available for checkout for use in and out of the Library. A PDF version of the equipment list  is available or you may view the list below.

The Library also provides these items:

Pencils/Color Pencils Protractor/ Ruler / Compass
Courtesy Charging Station Earplugs
Disinfecting Wipes First Aid Kit

Equipment 1st Floor 2nd Floor
3.5 Floppy Disc Drive (USB) ** X
Apple VGA Adapters X
Calculators X X
Camcorders ** X
DVD +/- RW Drive (USB) X
DVD Player / Converter ** X
Easels ** X
Ethernet Cables X
Fans (small room) X
HDMI Cables X
HDMI / VGA Cables X
Headphones (Noise Isolating) X X
Headphones (w/wo Microphones) X X
iPads X
Laptop Locks X
Laptops X X
Mac USB-C Power Adapter & Cables X X
MacBook Pro MagSafe Power Adapters X X
Microphone X
Mouse X X
Phone Chargers X X
Power Strips X X
Presentation Clickers / Laser Pointers ** X X
Projection Screens (portable) ** X
Projectors (portable) ** X
Speakers (portable) ** X
Tripods ** X
USB Chargers X
USB Extension Cables X X
Whiteboards (23″ x 16″) X X
** designates item may leave the Library.