What is Hazy SMART ?

S|earch  M|atch  A|pply  R|eview  T|ell —We help you re|search between the lines.

It is our goal to help you to use all of our services so you can: Search where you will get the best results; Match your research to your topic; Apply current best practices and techniques to find accurate and timely information; Review these results with relevant academic sources; and Tell your peers and professors efficiently using a variety of tools and technology.


Hazy Librarians support skilled best practices to help students search successfully through the library’s wealth of online and print academic resources. We believe that becoming a successful college student may require meeting often with librarians about research projects. Plan to attend introductory class (i.e., COM 122) or workshops with librarians to learn about all the services and resources available.


Our librarians help students Match library resources targeted to assignments and learn which resources to use for specific majors (i.e., Databases, academic journals and articles, books/e-books, and various reference tools).


Our librarians help Apply the results of our Seaching and Matching tools/techniques to provide quality resources for your academic needs.


Our librarians help Review and locate quality academic books, journals and articles for your research projects as well as books/e-books, and assistance with evaluating quality sources and citations.


Hazy Librarians guide students to Tell what they have learned through using technologies while educating students on available resources and academic tools. Students use library technology back end catalog and access tools to discover and use online and print academic resources for their research. Librarians guide students in the use of citations, presentations, printing posters and slideshows, and making use of ERAU- provided subscription tools (i.e. RefWorks citation manager) to improve their technical writing skills and final research papers.