Displays and Exhibits

The Hazy Library and Learning Center is proud to present several displays and exhibits open to the public for viewing.

The Kalusa Minurature Airplane Collection

Kalusa Miniature Airplane Collection, Location: 1st and 2nd floor

Location: 1st and 2nd floor

The world’s largest to-scale collection of miniature airplane models is housed here at the Hazy Library at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona. The Kalusa Collection is comprised of 5,825 pre-flight, private, commercial, military, and rocket aircraft models.The models are built to a 1/18 inch-to-foot scale. Consistent use of this scale provides all aircraft in the collection with accurate size relations to one another. Each model is painted with the detailed markings characteristic of the aircraft.  In 2003, the Kalusa Miniature Aircraft Collection was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest collection of handmade aeroplanes in the world.

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Viewing Hours

The Kalusa Miniature Aircraft Collection is available for viewing during library hours.

Young Artists Contest Paintings

Young Artist Aviation and Space Artwork Contest Winners, Location: 2nd floor

Location: 2nd floor

View the delightful and colorful exhibit of selected paintings from the Young Artists Contest, sponsored by the Federation Aeronautique  Internationale (FAI) Aviation and Space Education Commission. These amazing paintings are created by young people between the ages of 6 to 17 from countries worldwide.  The FAI sponsors this international art contest each year with thousands of students from around the world participating for awards and honors. Aeronautical and aerospace themes are represented, with special emphasis on air sports. The Hazy Library is the official archive of the original winning paintings from 1988 to the present. Photos of winning artwork are available on the FAI Website. If you have questions about the Young Artists Contest, please contact Kathy Hill via e-mail, or by phone at 928-777-3877.


Geochron, Location: 2nd floor

Location: 2nd floor

The Geochron World Clock is a unique time piece that shows where it is daylight around the world. The shape of the lighted area changes as the year advances and the location of the lighted area changes as the time of day moves forward. Every time zone in the world is defined. You may view where the sun is directly overhead and follow its path throughout the year.

Howe Eagle Collection

Howe Eagle Collection, Location: 1st floor

Location: 1st floor – Worthington Reading Room

In April, 2015, William “Bill” and Dolores Howe donated a collection of 17 eagle sculptures and 6 pieces of eagle art to the university that they acquired during their years of travel and as gifts. The collection is housed in the Gertrude Worthingon Reading Room.

NASA Manned Mission Patches

NASA MANNED MISSIONS Patch Collection, Location: 1st floor

Location: 1st floor

The Hazy Library originally received a donation of NASA manned mission patches from Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Danielsen in 1994. Since that time, the collection has grown to include 175 NASA patches representing the manned mission flights beginning with Mercury in 1961 including Gemini, Apollo, and Skylab ending with the last Space Shuttle mission on July 8, 2011.

Nonsked Airline History Display

nonsked Airines artifacts, Location: 2nd floor

Location: 2nd floor

The Aviation Pioneers Association, APA, was formed in 1990 by individuals who were participants in the little-known segment of America’s air transportation system, The Large Irregular Air Carriers. Commonly called the “nonskeds” (for nonscheduled flights), these pioneering airlines, flying war-surplus DC-3, DC-4, and C-46 surplus aircraft, were the first to offer the $99 Air Coach fare coast to coast. The aircraft were flown mainly by pilots wishing to continue their aviation careers after discharge from military service. The display includes photos, artifacts, and documents from the APA.

Student Aircraft Design Project Models

Student Aircraft Design Models, Location: 1st floor

Location: 1st floor

The Hazy Library proudly displays aircraft models donated to the Library by graduating seniors. In their senior engineering design classes, student teams design, fabricate, and wind tunnel-test their design project aircraft. The project finale is the presentation of their project research to a panel of professors and aerospace experts.

Wall of Quotes

Wall of Quotes, Location: 2nd floor

Wall of Quotes, Location: 2nd floor

The Wall of Quotes gives a boost to the humdrum of everyday student life in the Library. These quotes provide inspiration, contemplation, wisdom, and whimsy as represented by 19 notables including scientists, artists, authors, philosophers, politicians, poets, and pilots.